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Honeycomb monitor BH-1

Collection and transfer of parameters

The BH-1 is designed to capture the physical parameters of a single beehive or entire pavilion in real time and transmit them to a web server


The BH-1 honeycomb monitor consumes very little electricity in an economical mode. Therefore, it can run on a single battery for a long time without frequent recharging. This gives a high degree of autonomy.


Communication with GSM operators allows you to leave the hive with your device from almost anywhere in the country and receive information about honey collection flow from anywhere in the world.

Electronic apiary scales

Weight platform

It is designed for weight up to 350 kg, it is made of a metal profile pipe 20 * 40 * 2 mm and 40 * 40 * 2 mm. For the convenience of adjusting the balance horizontally, the adjusting legs are provided.


Overall dimensions of the weight frame: 440 * 500 * 125mm.

What kind of hive is it suitable for?

Scales are suitable for these types of hives: a) Horned, b) Rutovsky, c) Multi-hull d) Lezhak Dadanovsky, e) Lezhak Ukrainian, e) and others.

Under the order

We also offer the manufacture of a weight platform for individual overall dimensions and weight loads of the customer.

Simple hive weight sensor

Light weight sensor

Weight sensor to choose from

BH-1 scales can also be ordered with a simple weight sensor.

Differences from the weight platform

The readings of the simplified weight sensor are more susceptible to changes in air temperature. Also, this sensor is more difficult to install and adjust to the horizon level.

Weight Limit

This hive weight sensor is designed for weight up to 200 kg.

The received parameters

Inside the hive

Advanced apiary scales will become your closest friend and helper. The following physical parameters of the beehive in real time are recorded by the BH-1: weight, temperature and humidity

Outside air

For remote monitoring of weather conditions at the location of the hive, a sensor of the following atmospheric parameters is provided: temperature and humidity


For ease of use, the device also sends a voltage to the web server to monitor battery life, as well as SIM balance and GSM signal strength

Trend of intensity of honey collection

Weight sensor

The BH-1 periodically reads the values from the hive weight sensor and sends them to the server on the Internet.

The server stores the received data in memory on the hard disk.

Weight display

Logging in to our site, you can at any time observe the stored values of weight in the form of a trend

What is visible on the trend of weight

This trend gives an opportunity to observe in detail the life cycle of the family, to make sound operational conclusions about the correct choice of the location of the hive. This promptness protects the owner from the unproductive downtime of the hive, as well as giving an understanding of when to visit a reasonable hive next time (without unnecessarily worrying the family and spending fuel on a long trip)

The location of the hive

Technology used

This unit uses GPS-A technology. It allows you to determine the approximate coordinates of finding a GSM device by measuring the level of radio signal from several nearby GSM stations.

Precision Determination

The accuracy of coordinates with this technology is not great. It may differ from the actual location by hundreds of meters, and is highly dependent on the integrity of GSM station tuners and other factors.

What it gives

This gives you the constant opportunity to check on the map in your web cabinet the latest approximate location of the device and accordingly the hive.

Auxiliary data trends

Auxiliary data

All auxiliary data, except for the table view, are also displayed as trends (time charts).

Power supply

Internal Li-ion Battery

Inside the case of the beehive GSM scales there is a replaceable real-time clock battery of type CR2032 with a voltage of 3.3V, as well as the main lithium-ion battery of type 18650 with a voltage of 4.2V. From a fresh 18650 battery, the scale will work for more than 10 days without recharging.

Charging from the solar panel 6 ... 18V

The internal lithium-ion battery needs to be charged periodically for the BH-01 to function smoothly. For recharging, a solar panel with a power of 2W and a maximum voltage of 6 ... 18V is suitable.

Charging from a network 220V

Also, apiary GSM scales can be charged or constantly powered from a 5 ... 24V power supply.

Charging with an acid battery 6 ... 12V

GSM scales can also be charged or constantly powered by an acid battery with a capacity of 2A / h and a voltage of 6 ... 12V. The scales, powered by a 12V 7A / h battery can operate autonomously for a whole month in a cold winter without recharging.


On the device

The following control buttons are provided on the device’s case: turning on the power from the internal battery, calibrating the scales and switching the full or economical operating modes.

SMS commands

Also, control commands and settings can be sent to the device remotely using SMS. The full list is presented on the page SMS commands

From the web account

As well as control commands and settings, you can send it to the device remotely from your web cabinet on the website.

Using the web portal is free.

Questions - answers

What to do if the apiary is in a place with poor GSM connection? You can change the GSM operator or purchase a directional GSM antenna and install it in the direction of the nearest station of your mobile operator.
How long does the battery charge in the device? In ECO mode, with periods of sending data every 15 minutes, the charge will last for at least 2 weeks. In remote places, it is convenient to charge the balance battery in constant mode from a 12V solar panel.
Can I connect more than one scale to one device? Only one weight sensor can be connected to the BH-1, but the BH-4 allows you to measure the weight of four hives at the same time, using 4 -x load cells.
What is the ECO button for? When pressed, the ECO button switches the apiary scale to the recommended operating mode for permanent use. In this mode, the device is in the so-called sleep most of the time and periodically wakes up to transmit data to the web server.
How much does it cost to use the web account on the site Usage of our site is free for all owners of BH devices.
How many SMS messages with data does the device send to the owner? Smart scales automatically send three SMS per day. At 7:00, 15:00 and 21:00.

Video unpacking apiary scales